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Sunsure Energy offers a variety of clean energy solutions for corporations to switch to 100% green energy. The benefits of switching to RE100 go beyond just environmental benefits. These are:

Cost Savings: Switch to RE100 can lead to long-term price stability through power purchase agreements.

Competitive Advantage: As consumers are increasingly drawn to sustainable businesses, you can attract eco-conscious investors and customers.

Innovation: RE100 fosters collaboration among member companies, which can drive innovation in renewable energy solutions.

At Sunsure, we design custom combinations of solar, wind, and battery storage systems to ensure reliable, firm and dispatchable green power supply. We go beyond just providing clean power by offering strategic energy trading and access to green certificates to manage your environmental impact and achieve ESG leadership.


Renewable energy without the on-site hassle

RTC Power

We combine customised solar, wind, and battery storage solutions with strategic energy trading to deliver 24/7 clean and reliable renewable power for energy intensive industries. Our solutions are specifically designed to address the energy decarbonisation challenges of industries like Steel, Cement, Data Centres, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, and more.

Energy Storage

Our advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) ensure uninterrupted, dispatchable clean energy for your Commercial & Industrial (C&I) operations, even during peak demand. Our solutions are focused on providing reliable renewable power for your business in non-generation hours.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

We help C&I clients develop a comprehensive green attribute strategy, providing access to Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), Carbon Credits, and other instruments to achieve—and surpass—your ESG goals, ensuring full compliance. Rely on us to streamline you path to ESG leadership.


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Sunsure Energy is helping some of the world’s leading organizations with their energy solutions.


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Switching to renewables with Sunsure benefits your business, boosts India’s GDP, and saves the environment. We simplify your switch to green energy with customised PPAs and manage everything, from infrastructure setup to operations, delivering reliable clean energy-as-a-service.


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As mentioned on Climate Group’s website – RE100 is the global corporate renewable energy initiative bringing together hundreds of large and ambitious businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. RE100 goals are pursued by corporations aiming to source their 100% energy from renewable sources. At Susnsure Energy we provide a variety of clean energy solutions for businesses to switch to 100% renewable energy. We design custom combinations of solar, wind and battery energy storage systems to ensure reliable, firm and dispatchable green power supply.

Becoming an RE100 company in India enhances brand reputation, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides access to incentives. It leads to cost savings and improved energy efficiency, while increasing resilience and energy security. Supporting national goals for renewable energy helps meet ESG targets and aligns with India’s sustainability efforts. Additionally, it drives innovation and offers a competitive market advantage, making it a strategic move for businesses aiming for long-term growth and sustainability.

To join RE100, ensure your company is committed to 100% renewable electricity and make a public pledge to this goal. Partner with a green power producer to manage your energy needs, develop and implement a detailed plan to transition to renewable energy, and regularly report your progress. For more details, visit the RE100 website.

Our renewable energy solutions can help you fully transition to green power while reduce your energy bills by upto 40% and unlock long-term financial benefits. We offer emission-free energy to power your operations. Achieve your RE100 and decarbonisation goals with Sunsure Energy’s solutions ranging from solar, wind and energy storage.