Our Solutions

Sunsure empowers businesses of all sizes to embrace clean energy and build a greener tomorrow. We offer a comprehensive suite of renewable energy solutions tailored to your unique needs and goals.

RE100 Solutions

Achieve your goals of powering with 100% renewable energy. We offer a customised suite of renewable energy solutions tailored to your industry and help you switch to green energy.

Green Energy Off-Site

Our open access renewable energy plants can deliver up to 80% of your facility’s electricity needs through the grid, while offering the option to store excess power for later.

Green Energy On-Site

Sunsure's on-site solutions harness the sun, from your rooftop or the ground. Optimise your energy, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable growth.

The Sunsure Advantage

Assured Clean Energy. Assured ROI. With Sunsure

Tailored Solutions

Our customized renewable energy solutions align perfectly with your business needs and budget, unlocking sustainable growth and savings for your future. Our team of experts can help you find the best plan to achieve your RE100 goals.

Save Costs, Power Profits

Reduce your energy bills by up to 40% and unlock long-term financial benefits with our efficient state-of-the-art energy solutions. Our fixed tariff PPAs secure you against rising grid prices in the future.

Clean Energy

Emissions-free energy to power all your operations. Achieve your RE100 and decarbonization goals with Sunsure’s energy solutions ranging from solar, wind, and energy storage.

On-time Delivery

Our in-house capabilities, meticulous planning, experienced team, and robust project management systems ensure your renewable energy project is delivered on time, every time.

Expert Guidance

Less than 3% of our value addition is outsourced. Our in-house EPC and Asset Management contribute to exceptional customer experience and speed of execution. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you every step of the way towards renewable energy success.

Long Term Partnerships

We believe in unequal partnerships - tilted towards our customers. Our DNA dictates us to go above and beyond to create a long-term partnership with a customer. Since 2014, 70% of our revenues come from repeat orders from existing customers.