Off-site energy, On-site impact

Sunsure’s open access green energy solutions unlock the benefits of renewable energy for businesses of all sizes, regardless of space constraints. These benefits are: 

Cost Savings: Depending on the program structure, off-site renewables can lower your electricity costs.

Price Stability: Renewable energy sources offer more predictable pricing compared to fluctuating fossil fuel costs.

No On-Site Installation: This eliminates the need for upfront investment in installing and maintaining renewable energy systems on your property.

Suitable for Limited Space: If your property doesn’t have suitable space for solar panels or wind turbines, off-site solutions allow you to participate in the benefits of renewable energy.

We connect you to clean, reliable power from solar and wind farms located off-site with intra-state and inter-state connectivity, so you can reduce your carbon footprint, save on power costs and achieve your sustainability goals without breaking ground.


Renewable energy without the on-site hassle

RE 100 Solutions
Hybrid PPAs

Our Hybrid Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) combine the strengths of solar and wind, delivering a more consistent and reliable energy supply compared to traditional renewable options. This innovative approach optimises power generation from multiple sources, ensuring you benefit from a stable and predictable energy output.

  • Capacity utilization factor
    upto 80% Displacement of Power
  • Technology
    Solar and Wind
Solar PPAs

Power your business with fixed tariff solar energy. Our turnkey Solar PPAs offer a hassle-free way to leverage solar power. Benefit from clean energy, reduced carbon footprint, and predictable pricing with no upfront costs – all while achieving your sustainability goals.

  • Capacity utilization factor
    upto 30% Displacement of Power
  • Technology