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Take control of your energy future and achieve lasting sustainability with Sunsure’s rooftop solar solutions. On-site renewable energy solutions provide a unique set of advantages for businesses looking to go green:

Long-Term Cost Savings: While there’s an initial investment in installing the system, solar panels and other on-site renewables can significantly reduce your electricity bills over time.

Government Incentives: Many governments offer financial incentives like tax credits and rebates to encourage the adoption of on-site renewables.

Improved Energy Security: On-site generation provides a reliable backup power source during grid outages.

Our decentralised solar systems put the power directly in your hands, generating clean energy on-site to reduce dependence on the grid. This results in significant cost savings on your electricity bills, while minimising your environmental impact


Achieve energy independence with rooftop solar


Empower your business with tailored rooftop solar solutions. We offer both on-site and grid-connected solutions, allowing you to optimise energy use and benefit from net metering or billing programs. With our OPEX rooftop solar model we help you achieve energy independence, cost savings, and sustainability goals.


Our successful projects

Sunsure Energy is helping some of the world’s leading organizations with their energy solutions.

RSPL Group
  • Sangli, maharashtra
  • Capacity: 32.00 MW
  • Offtaker: madhya pradesh discom
RSPL Group
  • Sangli, maharashtra
  • Capacity: 32.00 MW
  • Offtaker: madhya pradesh discom
RSPL Group
  • Sangli, maharashtra
  • Capacity: 40.00 MW
  • Offtaker: madhya pradesh discom

A win-win-win
for all

Switching to renewables with Sunsure benefits your business, boosts India’s GDP, and saves the environment. We simplify your switch to green energy with customised PPAs and manage everything, from infrastructure setup to operations, delivering reliable clean energy-as-a-service.


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Frequently asked questions

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Our planet is in dire need of better energy, especially India. By optimising resources and embracing renewable energy solutions, we can ensure a bright future powered by sustainable energy. We are here to empower businesses to switch to green energy, paving the way for a decarbonised grid for a cleaner, more secure and an independent India.

Power your business sustainably with our wide range of renewable energy solutions. We offer a range of wind, solar, and battery options, both on-site and off-site, to perfectly fit your needs. Our end-to-end service ensures a smooth transition to green energy, maximizing your return on investment.

Sunsure Energy is a leading renewable energy company focussed on accelerating corporations in their energy transition to sustainable energy solutions. We are backed by Partners Group AG with an equity commitment of $400 Million towards our vision of building the largest industrial decarbonisation company in India and SE Asia. Born from a vision for a greener tomorrow, Sunsure was established with the unwavering belief that renewable energy holds the key to India’s bright future.

The Sunsure Advantage

Assured clean energy. Assured ROI. With Sunsure

Tailored Solutions

Our customized renewable energy solutions align perfectly with your business needs and budget, unlocking sustainable growth and savings for your future. Our team of experts can help you find the best plan to achieve your RE100 goals.

Save Costs, Power Profits

Reduce your energy bills by up to 40% and unlock long-term financial benefits with our efficient state-of-the-art energy solutions. Our fixed tariff PPAs secure you against rising grid prices in the future.

Clean Energy

Emissions-free energy to power all your operations. Achieve your RE100 and decarbonization goals with Sunsure’s energy solutions ranging from solar, wind, and energy storage.

On-time Delivery

Our in-house capabilities, meticulous planning, experienced team, and robust project management systems ensure your renewable energy project is delivered on time, every time.

Expert Guidance

Less than 3% of our value addition is outsourced. Our in-house EPC and Asset Management contribute to exceptional customer experience and speed of execution. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you every step of the way towards renewable energy success.

Long Term Partnerships

We believe in unequal partnerships - tilted towards our customers. Our DNA dictates us to go above and beyond to create a long-term partnership with a customer. Since 2014, 70% of our revenues come from repeat orders from existing customers.